How long before the verification code expires?

Sometimes when you try to login via email, the mail doesn’t arrive and you need to wait for the verification code to expire before generating another one.

The verification code expires after 1 hour.

Cliff knows about the email issue (some emails don’t arrive) and it’s not easy to solve, so he recommends to login with the Enjin wallet instead.

Email is more convenient, but if the verification code doesn’t arrive (email bounced) you’ll get a message like this one:

“Pending request already exists, please confirm it first or wait for it to expire.”

System Message

Another issue is that sometimes you receive the activation code but you got nowhere to enter it (no field to type the code). This is part of the same problem because you may receive the old code (with a delay) but you still have to wait for the pending request to expire.

The solution is to wait 1 hour or to use the Enjin wallet request instead of email.


Alternatives to Lost Relics

Many blockchain games are RPGs, but they can be very different from Lost Relics.

It’s easy to just put a random list of RPG crypto games and claim they’re an alternative to Lost Relics, but it’s still apples and oranges. The criteria for a good LR alternative should be:

  • Must be in real time (no turn based or idle games).
  • Must have an isometric view (when you see from above and at an angle, not 2D and not 1st person).
  • Must be hack and slash, which is also called ARPG (Action-RPG).
  • Has to be a catacomb crawler or very similar.

It looks like the description of Diablo, and yes, it has to be some sort of Diablo-like game to be a true alternative to Lost Relics.

List of games similar to Lost Relics

This list isn’t long because there aren’t many games that fit the criteria, but you’ll soon be able to play these games (some might be open for early access already):

Catacomb Crawlers

This is an upcoming ARPG game very similar to LR. They also generate dungeons randomly and have the Diablo feel, but the game will be first launched on mobile so this will create a different experience.

To find out more about this game read a more in-depth article here. Also you can go to their official website at

Ember Sword

A highly anticipated RPG game (they call it MMORPG, shhhht, but it’s not massive just yet). Ember Sword comes with the typical RPG elements: fighting monsters and bosses, crafting, PvP – but it also brings elements from sandbox type games, so you can buy land and shape the environment.

It’s a great alternative to Lost Relics, although it looks more cartoonish. Find more details about Ember Sword on their website.


Are Lost Relics NFT?

Some of them are NFTs, but most of the blockchain items that drop inside Lost Relics adventures are FTs, fungible tokens. This is because if there is a supply of 500 of one type, all of them must be the same, with same stats, name and rarity and since they aren’t unique they aren’t NFTs.

This however doesn’t change the market value. The most valuable items in Lost Relics are fungible tokens (FTs) not NFTs.

The actual NFT’s in the game are usually skins (outfits), pets and other cosmetic items.


What crypto is Lost Relics?

This game uses Shadowstones as the primary cryptocurency in-game, which is just a virtual placeholder for Enjin coin. So when you withdraw Shadowstones from the game you get JENJ (which is ENJ on 2nd layer – find out more about JENJ here).

Aside from Shadowstones, the game also uses gold coins as virtual currency for virtual items (which are different from blockchain items that are traded with shadowstones).


Everything you need to know about arrows

With the new update (July 2022) we now require arrows to shoot our bows. In this short guide, you’ll find out how to make arrows, ways to get them without crafting, if they’re worth it and more.

How to make arrows?

To make arrows you need to follow these steps:

  1. Forge arrowheads: using a single ingot you can forge 25 arrowheads, for example with an iron ingot you get 25 iron arrowheads.
  2. Engineer arrow shafts: 1 Bundle of Sticks + 20 White Feathers will give you 20 arrow shafts. You can get feathers for free by killing chickens in town, or buy them on Emporium (about 2 gold ea), or buy them from the town shop (Seraphina’s General Store) for 1 gold ea (but you can’t carry more than your max inventory slots).
  3. Combine arrowheads and shafts: Make sure you have them in your inventory (slots) and then go to the Arrow Assembly stand (marked on map) which is close to the engineering bench.

That’s it.

Types of arrows

Arrows differ in strength and durability depending on rarity:

  • Iron Arrows (common): colored grey, everybody can make these, they are cheap and they boost your bow’s damage by 10 damage and 27 right click (special attack/ power damage).
  • Viterium Arrows (uncommon): colored green, you need level 10 in forging to make arrowheads for these. They boost your bow’s damage by 24 and 65 right click.
  • Meridium Arrows (rare): colored blue, you need level 20 in forging to craft them. They boost your bow’s damage by 38 and 103 right click.
  • Odenium Arrows (epic): colored purple, you need level 30 in forging to craft them. They boost your bow’s damage by 52 and 140 right click.
  • Koridnium Arrows (legendary): colored gold, you need level 40 in forging to craft them. They boost your bow’s damage by 66 and 178 right click.

Can I take arrows in any adventure regardless of rarity?

Theoretically, yes. But you can only use the arrows if their rarity is lower or equal to that of your bow. For example, you can’t use legendary arrows with a green bow. But you can use iron arrows with all types of bows.

Are arrows too expensive?

As the update rolled, player demand for arrows was through the roof with little supply, so the price was high too. But over the next days, the price lowered considerably and it will probably continue to lower.

Are arrows worth it?

If you plan to only use arrows for a certain mob type (for example ranged units that keep the distance on you) then you won’t waste too many, so they may be worth it for you.

Keep in mind that right click only consumes 1 arrow, so try to use it when you have energy instead of wasting many arrows with multiple normal shots.

Also don’t forget that the higher the rarity the more durable an arrow is. You can recoup your arrows after shooting them, therefore making them worth it much more.

There is debate whether arrows are worth it or not, but at the end of the day if you’re not going to shoot the bow like it’s free for each arrow, you’ll make it worth it for yourself.

How to get arrows? (aside from forging/crafting)

  1. Buy them at Emporium: duuuuuh, obviously this is the most straightforward way, but many players want to craft it themselves only to find out later that it’s cheaper to just buy them with gold.
  2. Bounty Exchange: At Berinon, in the tavern, you can exchange your bounty bucks for 2 types of arrows – odenium and koridnium. This is a great way to spend your bounty bucks if you’re not among the top 10 grinders trying to get the myth sword and if you already have bounty rings (or don’t need to buy more). Also it’s a great way to turn your bounty bucks into gold (other items sell very slow, but arrows sell fast and you can get some fast gold when you need).
  3. Wheel of Wonder: you can win arrows at the wheel, actually iron arrows are won very often.
  4. Daily gifts: the purple dots on the map give you various resources and gold, but sometimes arrows too.

I don’t want to spend gold on arrows, I’m never using bow again!

This is the attitude of a lot of players, they got used to using a bow, so it’s normal to feel this way now. But if you look at the greater picture it creates a better economy and it rebalances the melee/bow usage ratio which was hugely in favor of the bow.


Big July 2022 Update

Lost Relics went through a major update in the last couple of days, with big changes like arrows, new adventures, the wheel of wonder and so much more.

Talmuth is brimming with busy adventurers running around showing off status weapons, relics and outfits, while trying to complete their daily missions, bounties and what not.

TLDR: It got harder

This happens with every major update but some things get easier while others get hard and people aren’t used to it so they will feel like it’s 10x harder when it’s not that much harder.

Still, a lot of people will be upset because adventures take longer, mobs attack differently, so on and so forth.

To read about all the changes check the changelog here. Or read the medium article here.

We will try to add content based on the new update but it will take time. Keep in mind that most of this website hasn’t been updated since 2021 so if you read a post that doesn’t have a 2022 update it won’t be accurate.


Graveyard Rumble

A new game mode has been introduced since patch 189. The graveyard rumble is a PvE game mode where you don’t have to bring any items with you and have to kill as many monsters as possible until you die.

You’ll be given an Epic sword (1H) and short bow. You won’t have any relics nor consumables. The monsters will start spawning one at a time but as you kill them, more will spawn.

On the top left side there will be a meter measuring the speed of the monsters which is set at 1.0x at first, but as time goes the speed increases slowly and the monsters will run faster and faster, so they’ll eventually catch you.

The number of monsters that you kill goes to the leaderboard only if you can make it to the top 10 players.

What do you get from Graveyard Rumble?

Aside from the thrill and change in pace from the regular adventures, you get to participate in a competition with valuable prizes.

For example, at the moment, there is a competition until October 15th that brings the following prizes for the first 3 places:

  1. Mythical 2H sword (Zenarthiil Parallel) worth around $1,000 (see here current listings).
  2. Legendary 2H axe (Traumahawk) worth around $100 based on the value of other legendary 2H axes.
  3. Epic relic that leeches life up to 2500 HP (Feeble Bloodstone) worth around $700 (see here current listings).

Due to an exploit found in the Graveyard Rumble, participants are now required to also send a video proof of their performance.

How to enter the Graveyard Rumble?

To enter the Rumble your character needs to be at least level 10 and a member. Secondly, you need to go to the cemetery (duuuh) where you’ll find the entrance by following the path leading to the cracked tomb.

Do I lose my tools inside the Graveyard Rumble?

No, you can’t lose any items inside the Rumble when you die. Any items that you carry when entering the Rumble will be removed/reset and the inventory will be restored when you finish.



The Lost Relics Encyclopedia is located at the top bar, next to the skill book and it allows you to find information about anything in game (relics, tools, events, bounties, weapons so on).

How to open the Encyclopedia?

You need to unlock the Encyclopedia before you can access it. To unlock it you must finish the starter quests. If you don’t know where the starter quests are, just open the map (TAB or M) and find a question mark or an exclamation mark in yellow. That’s where you’ll find the NPC with the quest.

The name of the quest that unlocks the Encyclopedia is Powerful Knowledge, but you’ll have to do the first quests in order to get to this one.


My executioner disappeared

If your executioner/s disappeared from stash, it’s because it was a volatile item and Cliff removed all of them from everybody starting with Patch 188 (September 20th 2021).

The executioner was a transcendental weapon (red axe) that we used to get from Daily Rewards. These powerful weapons were just one time use, meaning they’d be destroyed after a single dungeon (adventure). Some players stacked them for the future, anticipating a new challenge. But now they’re all gone.

The executioner had the term “Volatile” written in description, along-side “Destructible”, so we should keep in mind that any future items like this aren’t meant to be stored, but to be used sooner than later.


September Update Patch

UPDATE (September 30th 2021): The patch became live on Sunday (26th) and there are a lot of important changes such as:

  • Shadowstones are dropping from adventures.
  • Virtual items (tools, armor, virtual weapons/relics) are breakable after enough usage (unspecified when they will break or after how many uses – it’s random). The higher the rarity the longer it’ll last. The item won’t break inside the dungeon (so you won’t be left without a tool until you exit).
  • Blockchain weapons have new effects (see the effects in the Encyclopedia in-game).
  • Encyclopedia has been added.
  • Chests from adventures need a key to be opened. The keys drop from monsters, so you need to kill all monsters if you don’t want to miss opening all chests.
  • Gathering spots now have rarities (e.g. rare/blue mining claim) and you can only gather with the same rarity tool.
  • Drop rate from gathering depends on your level (e.g. if you are level 1 miner, you will find mostly nothing from mining claims, but the higher the level the higher the chance).
  • New PvE mode: Graveyard Rumble. Your score is calculated based on how many monsters you kill before you die.

Previous information (before update):

On September 19th 2021, servers went down to prepare the next major update patch version 188. After approximately 24 hours the game opened and everybody could download the new patch.

However, there were several major bugs that happened at scale (only when a lot of people are trying to log in at the same time) and server is now down for maintenance to fix these bugs rolling version 189, 190 and maybe more depending on technical issues.

The team is hard at work on the update. We’ve already found and fixed issues that only appeared at scale and we continue to work on the update.

News will be posted here when it’s back up and running but for now chat has been disabled due to the same questions being asked over and over.

In the mean time you won’t be able to play, create accounts or make purchases until it’s back up.”

Cliff Cawley – LR Creator (message from telegram/discord from September 20th 2021)

There are tons of new changes but here’s a few things that players wanted to know related to the new update:

  • Engineering and the new skill, forging, are from now on only available to members.
  • Chests inside the dungeons will be more rewarding, meaning they’ll drop items more often.
  • You will have a stash box near adventure pass if you are level 5 or higher. This means you won’t have to go back to the tavern every time to unload the loot.
  • You will be able to withdraw shadowstones (ss) to JENJ, but you won’t be able to withdraw the ss that drops from dungeons directly, you’ll have to buy items with it to spend it, but the ss that you receive from selling items will be eligible to withdraw.

When will the patch be ready?

The system is still in maintenance and we won’t be able to play until Cliff makes the announcement. The following message was Cliff’s desire to launch the game on September 22nd, but more issues came up, so the game won’t be ready until after September 26th:

“We’re aiming for a new release within the next 24 hours and once we do we’ll be constantly monitoring the server infrastructure to see if we can spot any other issues that only happen with a large amount of players who are performing adhoc gameplay.”

Cliff Cawley – LR Creator (message from telegram/discord at September 21st 2021)