Alternatives to Lost Relics

Many blockchain games are RPGs, but they can be very different from Lost Relics.

It’s easy to just put a random list of RPG crypto games and claim they’re an alternative to Lost Relics, but it’s still apples and oranges. The criteria for a good LR alternative should be:

  • Must be in real time (no turn based or idle games).
  • Must have an isometric view (when you see from above and at an angle, not 2D and not 1st person).
  • Must be hack and slash, which is also called ARPG (Action-RPG).
  • Has to be a catacomb crawler or very similar.

It looks like the description of Diablo, and yes, it has to be some sort of Diablo-like game to be a true alternative to Lost Relics.

List of games similar to Lost Relics

This list isn’t long because there aren’t many games that fit the criteria, but you’ll soon be able to play these games (some might be open for early access already):

Catacomb Crawlers

This is an upcoming ARPG game very similar to LR. They also generate dungeons randomly and have the Diablo feel, but the game will be first launched on mobile so this will create a different experience.

To find out more about this game read a more in-depth article here. Also you can go to their official website at

Ember Sword

A highly anticipated RPG game (they call it MMORPG, shhhht, but it’s not massive just yet). Ember Sword comes with the typical RPG elements: fighting monsters and bosses, crafting, PvP – but it also brings elements from sandbox type games, so you can buy land and shape the environment.

It’s a great alternative to Lost Relics, although it looks more cartoonish. Find more details about Ember Sword on their website.

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