Big July 2022 Update

Lost Relics went through a major update in the last couple of days, with big changes like arrows, new adventures, the wheel of wonder and so much more.

Talmuth is brimming with busy adventurers running around showing off status weapons, relics and outfits, while trying to complete their daily missions, bounties and what not.

TLDR: It got harder

This happens with every major update but some things get easier while others get hard and people aren’t used to it so they will feel like it’s 10x harder when it’s not that much harder.

Still, a lot of people will be upset because adventures take longer, mobs attack differently, so on and so forth.

To read about all the changes check the changelog here. Or read the medium article here.

We will try to add content based on the new update but it will take time. Keep in mind that most of this website hasn’t been updated since 2021 so if you read a post that doesn’t have a 2022 update it won’t be accurate.

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