Can you run all dungeons with only green weapons

The green gear is very accessible for new players so you might have been wondering if it’s possible to complete all dungeons with just the green weapons. The short answer is YES, but that’s not practical for most players.

Can I do 3-sword difficulty with greens?

3-sword difficulty dungeons (adventures) are usually being grinded with blue weapons, but you can also complete them with greens. A green set composed of a green bow, a green sword/axe and a feeble ring of rejuvenation might not be enough unless you’re a skilled player, but if you take enough consumables with you (food or potions) it will get much easier.

Can I finish the hardest dungeon (Mount Olkepth) with greens?

Completing the hardest dungeon only with green gear is a very difficult task. It has been done by at least one player who tried it over and over again until he did it, but it’s not practical when it comes to farming/gridning, since your risk of dying is very high and you’ll waste a time and gold in the process.


It’s one thing to run 3 or even 4-sword difficulty dungeons with green items and it’s another thing to try much harder dungeons. Remember, green weapons were designed for 2-sword difficulty adventures, but if you want to challenge yourself go ahead, it is definitely possible.

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