Everything you need to know about arrows

With the new update (July 2022) we now require arrows to shoot our bows. In this short guide, you’ll find out how to make arrows, ways to get them without crafting, if they’re worth it and more.

How to make arrows?

To make arrows you need to follow these steps:

  1. Forge arrowheads: using a single ingot you can forge 25 arrowheads, for example with an iron ingot you get 25 iron arrowheads.
  2. Engineer arrow shafts: 1 Bundle of Sticks + 20 White Feathers will give you 20 arrow shafts. You can get feathers for free by killing chickens in town, or buy them on Emporium (about 2 gold ea), or buy them from the town shop (Seraphina’s General Store) for 1 gold ea (but you can’t carry more than your max inventory slots).
  3. Combine arrowheads and shafts: Make sure you have them in your inventory (slots) and then go to the Arrow Assembly stand (marked on map) which is close to the engineering bench.

That’s it.

Types of arrows

Arrows differ in strength and durability depending on rarity:

  • Iron Arrows (common): colored grey, everybody can make these, they are cheap and they boost your bow’s damage by 10 damage and 27 right click (special attack/ power damage).
  • Viterium Arrows (uncommon): colored green, you need level 10 in forging to make arrowheads for these. They boost your bow’s damage by 24 and 65 right click.
  • Meridium Arrows (rare): colored blue, you need level 20 in forging to craft them. They boost your bow’s damage by 38 and 103 right click.
  • Odenium Arrows (epic): colored purple, you need level 30 in forging to craft them. They boost your bow’s damage by 52 and 140 right click.
  • Koridnium Arrows (legendary): colored gold, you need level 40 in forging to craft them. They boost your bow’s damage by 66 and 178 right click.

Can I take arrows in any adventure regardless of rarity?

Theoretically, yes. But you can only use the arrows if their rarity is lower or equal to that of your bow. For example, you can’t use legendary arrows with a green bow. But you can use iron arrows with all types of bows.

Are arrows too expensive?

As the update rolled, player demand for arrows was through the roof with little supply, so the price was high too. But over the next days, the price lowered considerably and it will probably continue to lower.

Are arrows worth it?

If you plan to only use arrows for a certain mob type (for example ranged units that keep the distance on you) then you won’t waste too many, so they may be worth it for you.

Keep in mind that right click only consumes 1 arrow, so try to use it when you have energy instead of wasting many arrows with multiple normal shots.

Also don’t forget that the higher the rarity the more durable an arrow is. You can recoup your arrows after shooting them, therefore making them worth it much more.

There is debate whether arrows are worth it or not, but at the end of the day if you’re not going to shoot the bow like it’s free for each arrow, you’ll make it worth it for yourself.

How to get arrows? (aside from forging/crafting)

  1. Buy them at Emporium: duuuuuh, obviously this is the most straightforward way, but many players want to craft it themselves only to find out later that it’s cheaper to just buy them with gold.
  2. Bounty Exchange: At Berinon, in the tavern, you can exchange your bounty bucks for 2 types of arrows – odenium and koridnium. This is a great way to spend your bounty bucks if you’re not among the top 10 grinders trying to get the myth sword and if you already have bounty rings (or don’t need to buy more). Also it’s a great way to turn your bounty bucks into gold (other items sell very slow, but arrows sell fast and you can get some fast gold when you need).
  3. Wheel of Wonder: you can win arrows at the wheel, actually iron arrows are won very often.
  4. Daily gifts: the purple dots on the map give you various resources and gold, but sometimes arrows too.

I don’t want to spend gold on arrows, I’m never using bow again!

This is the attitude of a lot of players, they got used to using a bow, so it’s normal to feel this way now. But if you look at the greater picture it creates a better economy and it rebalances the melee/bow usage ratio which was hugely in favor of the bow.

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