Graveyard Rumble

A new game mode has been introduced since patch 189. The graveyard rumble is a PvE game mode where you don’t have to bring any items with you and have to kill as many monsters as possible until you die.

You’ll be given an Epic sword (1H) and short bow. You won’t have any relics nor consumables. The monsters will start spawning one at a time but as you kill them, more will spawn.

On the top left side there will be a meter measuring the speed of the monsters which is set at 1.0x at first, but as time goes the speed increases slowly and the monsters will run faster and faster, so they’ll eventually catch you.

The number of monsters that you kill goes to the leaderboard only if you can make it to the top 10 players.

What do you get from Graveyard Rumble?

Aside from the thrill and change in pace from the regular adventures, you get to participate in a competition with valuable prizes.

For example, at the moment, there is a competition until October 15th that brings the following prizes for the first 3 places:

  1. Mythical 2H sword (Zenarthiil Parallel) worth around $1,000 (see here current listings).
  2. Legendary 2H axe (Traumahawk) worth around $100 based on the value of other legendary 2H axes.
  3. Epic relic that leeches life up to 2500 HP (Feeble Bloodstone) worth around $700 (see here current listings).

Due to an exploit found in the Graveyard Rumble, participants are now required to also send a video proof of their performance.

How to enter the Graveyard Rumble?

To enter the Rumble your character needs to be at least level 10 and a member. Secondly, you need to go to the cemetery (duuuh) where you’ll find the entrance by following the path leading to the cracked tomb.

Do I lose my tools inside the Graveyard Rumble?

No, you can’t lose any items inside the Rumble when you die. Any items that you carry when entering the Rumble will be removed/reset and the inventory will be restored when you finish.

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