How do I heal

To heal, you need regeneration items or consumables. A straightforward way in the beginning is buying consumables such as: bread, fish, mushrooms, apples, potions from the market (Royal Emporium).

Regeneration items are relics which replenish HP. These can be re-used on each adventure. You can buy such relics from EnjinX and use them in-game. Here are some examples, so you can search them by name on the items section of the official website or on EnjinX:

Rare (blue) healing blockchain items:

  • Ardanium Cookie (200 HP and 300 MP, 2 charges per adventure)
  • Jhorth Walnuts (350 HP and 150 MP, 2 charges per adventure)
  • Amber Bee Honeycomb (250 HP and 250 MP, 2 charges per adv)
  • Dried Blush Berries (150 HP and 350 MP, 2 charges per adv)

Epic (purple) healing blockchain items:

  • Chalice of Everen Hall (50% chance to give +2000 HP or take 500 HP).
  • Feeble Bloodstone (leeches up to 25 HP/s from monsters, capped at 2500 HP).

Legendary healing blockchain items:

The best healing items in game are Harvester of Sorrows (900 HP and 900 MP, 5 charges per adventure), Photonic Incubator (1200 HP, 5 charges per adv) and Golden Evanbrook Egg (regens 5 HP per second, capped at 7500 HP).

Mythical healing blockchain items:

Highest tier regen items are Arkor’s Ring of Revenge (leeches life from nearby mobs, up to 100 HP/s, capped at 10000 HP) and Ruby Evanbrook Egg (regens 10 HP/s, capped at 10000 HP).

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