How long before the verification code expires?

Sometimes when you try to login via email, the mail doesn’t arrive and you need to wait for the verification code to expire before generating another one.

The verification code expires after 1 hour.

Cliff knows about the email issue (some emails don’t arrive) and it’s not easy to solve, so he recommends to login with the Enjin wallet instead.

Email is more convenient, but if the verification code doesn’t arrive (email bounced) you’ll get a message like this one:

“Pending request already exists, please confirm it first or wait for it to expire.”

System Message

Another issue is that sometimes you receive the activation code but you got nowhere to enter it (no field to type the code). This is part of the same problem because you may receive the old code (with a delay) but you still have to wait for the pending request to expire.

The solution is to wait 1 hour or to use the Enjin wallet request instead of email.

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