How much can you earn

This depends on your luck, your time and investment. For example, if you find a mythical weapon now, that’s equal to a few thousand dollars. Whatever you gain it’s not going to be predictable and it won’t be like a monthly wage, more like a future investment of your time and money. Any blockchain items that you get now are likely going to be worth more in the future, considering the game is becoming more popular.

To put this into perspective… At the beginning of 2020, we were a few hundred players, of which maybe 100-200 were active. Legendary weapons were selling for lower than $10, you could find mythical weapons for $50 and transcendentals for just hundreds of dollars. Fast forward to 2021, we are tens of thousands of active monthly players, legendary weapons sell for hundreds of dollars, mythicals sell for thousands and transcendentals are getting listed for 5 figures.

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