How much initial capital needed to play

If you’re wondering how much money is required to start playing the game, you should know that the game is free to play. But there’s a few things worth mentioning on this topic.

As of end of July, beginning of August 2021, new accounts are required to make a purchase – a power pendant (membership) in order to activate their account and play the game, otherwise they’ll have to wait (possibly months) before the next batch of account activations.

So in this sense, you’ll need around $12 USD (cost to buy the minimum order for activation, which is a 7-day Power Pendant) or 0.005 ETH plus fees (which can add up a lot to the price).

How much initial capital is needed to play comfortably?

Ok, so you want to buy a minimum set of items in the beginning so that you can play comfortably and you’re wondering how much it costs.

It’s better to play the game a little before investing, in order to get used to fighting. There’s a learning curve if you haven’t played dungeon crawlers before. Better gear doesn’t save you if you don’t use basic fighting techniques (some tips here).

Ok, now that we got that out of the way and you’re doing well in your fights, let’s see what gear you can get. Firstly, you’ll be able to get the green gear (virtual weapons from Seraphina’s General Store), but you might be tired of those by now since they’re not particularly powerful and you lose them on death.

The next best thing is a blue gear. Blue means rare, it’s the 3rd rarity (after common and uncommon) and it’s affordable and great for a bunch of dungeons.

First of all, you’ll need a blue weapon, which you can purchase for under $10 from the Royal Emporium (or, but it’s cheaper from the Emporium if you converted your ENJ to JENJ and then to shadowstones).

Then you’ll need blue healing items. You should buy 4 different items, to cover the slots and have as much healing power as you can. These items should be good:

  • Ardanium Cookie
  • Amber Bee Honeycomb
  • Jhorth Walnuts
  • Dried Blush Berries

Healing items can be more important than weapons. These 4 relics give you both health (HP) and energy (MP), they have 2 charges each and since they’re blockchain items they replenish after each adventure.

A rough estimate of 4 blue healing items and a blue bow, we’re at a total of around $100, if we also consider fees for ETH or ENJ conversion + withdrawal/gas fees, so on.

This price depends varies over time because item prices fluctuate. We estimate it will go up over time with more players joining the game.

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