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UPDATE (July 30th 2021): You can now activate your account by buying a pendant from the web shop (, otherwise you have to wait indefinitely until the next batch of activations occurs.

Account activation is permanent – means that you don’t lose access to the game when the pendant expires.

Here’s the relevant message:

“There’s no time limit until your account is activated. It depends on a number of factors, but because we’re still in pre-alpha and heavy development, we’re trying to keep the numbers relatively low.

In the mean time, keep an eye out for the activation email and occasionally check (sometimes emails don’t arrive) if the download link is available for you. If the download is available, your account has been activated.

Alternatively, you can buy a 7 day, 30 day or 90 day pendant from the shop to support Lost Relics, and your account will be activated within an hour after your transaction has been confirmed. You can then choose to use the pendant yourself or sell it to other players within the game.

Account activation is permanent.

Cliff Cawley – LR Creator (message from Telegram – July 30th 2021)

As you can see, you need to buy at least a 7-day pendant if you want to be given access to the game. This means you won’t have access if you buy a 1-day pendant.

You can buy a pendant only with crypto at the moment (ETH), learn more here: How to buy a pendant?

UPDATE (July 13th 2021): To activate your account, you need to wait for the next batch of activations (see the next sub-header for estimates on how long it takes). Why do we have to wait? Here’s Cliff’s explanation:

The reason for not allowing everyone in right now, is not because of team size or server limitations, it’s because of limited item supplies.

If all 20k accounts that are waiting to join now are let in, then the remaining items will be out of stock in a few days.

That’s simply it. The game is still in pre-alpha and I am not looking to flood the market with too many items while still pre-release.

Forging is about to be released which will help with drop pool sizes and bring new dynamics.

Cliff Cawley – LR Creator (message from Telegram on July 13th 2021)

Previous info:

UPDATE (July 1st 2021): Account activation is not instant. Cliff (the dev) activates accounts in batches. When a few thousand players register, they’ll all be activated at the same time. Sometimes you won’t receive a confirmation email, but you can directly play the game.

How long to wait till activation?

Because Cliff activates accounts in batches, it takes a few days, up to a week to process each batch. This can change, but usually within a few days there’s a couple thousand more players waiting in line to start playing the game.

Older messages:

UPDATE (June 28th 2021): New accounts have been activated! If you haven’t received an activation email yet, it’s because Cliff couldn’t send all of them at once (server bouncing issues) but the good news is, your account is already active, so just go ahead and sign-in the game with the email addressed you used to pre-register.

Can we play, please?

UPDATE: Yes! Now you can finally play. But you’ll need to wait for the activation first.

Older message: Here’s the explanation for having to wait through the activation process before we can play the game (June 25th):

I want to make sure that if I’m adding 2k players that the server is prepared, that there’s sufficient loot (since it’s limited) and that the process works.

I’m not going to drip feed people in, I just want to be prepared. If I know there’s 5k players ready to start, then I’ll prepare and then add them all.

Cliff Cawley – LR Creator

When activation?

Your account will become activated when Cliff (the dev) releases a new batch of players in-game. This usually happens on game updates. It can take days or weeks depending on what he has in store for the next update.

Most likely, the next wave of activations will come when Forging is released, as Cliff wrote on telegram (“Forging is about to be released which will help with drop pool sizes and bring new dynamics.“).

What is Forging?

We don’t know much about it yet, but forging is going to be a skill that allows players to forge weapons. These weapons will probably be virtual and volatile (like the executioner), which means you can use them only once (or maybe a few more times).

This will help with the lack of blockchain weapons, since they need to stay rare/scarce, to retain value. And it will also help the economy because forging will require resources.

If everyone will get the chance to forge themselves some weapons, Cliff will be able to allow many more players to join the game, since they won’t have to wait to get lucky and drop a blockchain weapon.

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This time it takes longer because Cliff wants to add forging to the game (ability to craft weapons) so the players that join don’t rely on rare drops. There’s more than 20.000 players waiting to get accounts activated, so you’re not alone.

im waiting to activate my account, and share it to the social media to boom this NFT game to the philippines. specially this pandemic that we are warn to go outside or work outside.

Usually it takes about 1 hour to appear. If it takes much longer there’s probably an issue with the transaction. You may have lowered the gas fee manually, or you didn’t input the exact amount and Cliff needs to manually approve it.

My issue is that the qr code to initiate the transaction doesn t appear. I get this “Scan this QR Code with your Enjin Wallet” but no QR code. I tried in opera and chrome. I will wait to see if it finally appear. Thank you fot your answer.

There is no set date, just have to wait. The only way you can speed it up is buying a 7-day power pendant (or higher) and your account will be activated in aprox. 1 hour.

Im waiting for about 2 mounth and still no activation.
how long it will take to get the email ?
please let us to play this wondefull game and make some money 😛 LOL.

i first time see game where dev DONT WANT PLAYERS, wtf ????? manual account activation 3 mounths and nothing ??? rly ?? this is pegasus and mario game wtf ??? rly i never see dev who dont like more players in game … game is for free but u need pay for play …. WTF ??

Yes, that is true. Usually a game takes a lot of time to develop and it develops with a small number of alpha testers until it’s ready. When it’s ready they need to do marketing to bring players, but the crypto bull market brought way too many people in a short period of time with no marketing. There are more than 100.000 players waiting for account activation at this time. The game is not ready for such numbers, it’s a victim of its own success.

But the bigger problem is this: if the dev allows all these players to join free to play, all the resources and valuable items are going to be depleted extremely fast, the game will be empty. It’s going to take time to create more blockchain items and at the same time the technology is very early, we need to switch to efinity chain and that will also take time because it’s not ready now.

So the only solution to this situation is to put a fee for activation. It costs around $12 (7 day Power Pendant – membership). This way we get players who are able to put money into the game, therefore helping the dev develop faster, hiring people and expanding server capacity and creating more game assets.

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