How to cook

To cook, you need to get ingredients for recipes, usually raw resources such as raw grunt meat or raw bron trout, then cook them at the stove. The stove is located on the north side of the town. Open the map (press M or TAB) to see the exact location.

From level one you’ll be able to cook some fish and bake bread. To see all the recipes and required levels click on the purple book in-game at the top bar and select COOKING. If you can’t access the skill book yet, you need to finish all the starter quests (won’t take long) and reach level 5 (main XP bar at the top).

How to cook bread?

To bake some bread you need to have the following ingredients:

  • 1 sack of flour
  • 1 jug of water

UPDATE: You’ll be able to find flour and water easier with the June update.

You can make bread at the cooking stove, after you got the flour and jug of water. Once you have the ingredients in your inventory slots, go to the stove (see map) and click it to start cooking.

You find flour on the hill next to the Alchemy Table (see map). You can buy a ceramic jug at the general store (see map) for 1 gold, then fill it with water at the well (see map) just next to the tavern.

Where to find flour? I can’t find any.

Flour is distributed freely at the mill next to the Alchemy Table, but it’s limited, so once the daily quantity is depleted you won’t find flour anymore. This is to prevent abuse, but everybody has the chance to get some every day. Keep in mind that you can also buy flour at the Royal Emporium.

Why is the well dry? How can I get water?

Water, just like flour, is distributed freely, so it has a limit on how much you can get.

How much flour can I collect per day?

You can get between 20-24 sacks of flour every day. The limit is per day, per player.

How to fetch water from the well?

Nothing happens when you click on the water well? It’s because you don’t have a ceramic jug in your inventory. Get some jugs from the general store first (costs 1 gold) and then you’ll be able to get water too.

How many times can I fetch water from the well?

You can take water from the well about the same number of times you can collect flour, so, between 20-24 times (this number may change).

Can you cook in dungeon (adventure)?

No, you can’t cook inside the dungeon, only at the cooking stove.

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