How to decide which blockchain item to take out of the dungeon

You can decide which blockchain items to prioritize by following some or a combination of the following criteria:

Rarity – if you get a blue and a green item, you should take the blue one.
ENJ price – highest price.
Bounty Requirement – If you need this item for bounty, or if it was required some other time but you couldn’t get it – take it for the next time.
Supply – check item supply on the website. The item with lower supply is more rare.
Owned – how many do you own from each? If you have 100 of the first and 5 of the second, pick the second.
Ask in chat – only as a last resort, you don’t need to ask this every time, since so many already do it.

If none of the criteria above applies, just pick the item that looks nicer to you 😀

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