How to get blockchain items

You can get blockchain items inside adventures and even outside through various ways. Here is how:

  • Killing monsters: Every monster can drop a blockchain item. This is based on luck and items supply.
  • Opening chests: Chests also have a chance at a blockchain item even if it seems you only get gold. This is also based on luck and items supply.
  • Gathering skills: you can get blockchain items via mining, woodcutting, scavenging, fishing if you reach a certain level. For example, starting with mining level 24 you can get “Green Rock Dye” (uncommon bc item) fairly often. This doesn’t depend on luck as much, because items drop fairly often once you reach the minimum level. To check what other bc items you can get from gathering skills and at which levels, check the purple book in-game at the top.
  • Containers: storage trunks, bounty chests, mysterious nests and event containers (Easter golden eggs, tickets, so on…). They all have a chance at bc items, even high rarities. It’s luck-based. This is a way to get blockchain items outside of adventures (open the containers in tavern). You simply click “inspect” on the container (storage trunk, bounty chest, so on…) in your stash (upstairs in tavern).
  • Raffle: sometimes there’s a raffle going on inside the tavern (the table on the left as you enter). Check it out. Sometimes, the prize is a blockchain item. The more raffle tickets you buy, the higher your chances.
  • Bounties Exchange: By completing bounties you get bounty chests (see “containers” above) but also bounty bucks, which can be used to purchase different items at the Bounties NPC (Berinon) by clicking the Exchange tab. At the moment there is a blockchain mythical sword listed in there for 500.000 bounty bucks.
  • Giveaways/Collabs: Sometimes there are giveaways and collaborations where you simply have to scan a QR code to receive a free blockchain item, other times that’s part of an event and you have to follow instructions to claim the item/s.

How to buy blockchain items?

You can buy blockchain items on the Ethereum mainnet from marketplaces such as EnjinX or OpenSea. You will need Enjin Coin (ENJ) to buy items. You can get ENJ from Binance (the largest crypto exchange).

You can also buy blockchain items off-chain, via the in-game bc marketplace, which can be found at the marketplace in town (Royal Emporium) – click the dropdown in the top left of the Marketplace window to access the blockchain market instead of virtual one.

For this, you will need shadowstones (also read: What are shadowstones?). This is the cheapest and fastest way to buy blockchain items because you don’t need to pay gas fees. But you’ll need JENJ to buy shadowstones (also read: What is JENJ?).

On the mainnet, EnjinX is the default marketplace for Lost Relics and it’s integrated with enjin wallet. You can also buy directly from other players on the blockchain, wallet to wallet, but it’s risky, you can get scammed.

Another way of buying blockchain items is via web store ( but only outfits (skins) and pets. If you’re interested in bc skins/pets, you can also get some from the general store (in-game) using gold.

Can I get blockchain items even if I’m not a member?

Yes, you can get bc items even if you’re not a member. Indeed, you can loot valuable blockchain items even if you’re a free player, but you’ll be limited to take out just one blockchain item per adventure when you don’t have a power pendant active (membership). Luckily for you, it doesn’t happen too often to drop more than 1 bc item in the same run, especially in the lower level dungeons (adventures).

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