How to sell blockchain items

You can sell blockchain items over the mainnet or through the off-chain blockchain marketplace in-game. The latter is the easiest way, but you’ll need to have the items in your game wallet (not enjin wallet) to sell them in-game. Also read: How to transfer items to game wallet?

If you decide to use the mainnet, you can sell blockchain items via marketplaces such as EnjinX or OpenSea.

To sell items on EnjinX you need to transfer them to your Enjin Wallet first (opposite to what you need for the in-game market) and then list them on EnjinX via Enjin Wallet.

How to transfer items to my Enjin Wallet

To transfer items out of the game you need to buy transfer crystals, which can be purchased for ETH, USDT or USDC from the official website ( You can also buy transfer crystals in-game using gold (from Royal Emporium). Transfer crystals are a way of paying gas fees.

Cliff unlocked the transfers due to popular demand, so starting with April 30th you can send items out of the game even if gas fees are above 50 gwei, the new limit is 250 gwei. See Cliff’s original message:

This new change raises the 50 cap on gas to 250. This is an extreme gas value and will cost you roughly 0.06 ETH to send 1 item. (If ETH is $2500 USD, that’s $150 USD). Part of the reason for capping it at 50 was to ensure people weren’t wasting their money on gas.

(posted on Telegram on April 29th or 30th depending on your time zone).

You can only sell the blockchain items that are in your enjin wallet. There is a limit on how often (many) items you can send out, based on your reputation/verification score.

Steps to transfer items

  1. Log in to your account (at
  2. Click on ACCOUNT –> ITEMS
  3. On the items page, click the button: Transfer items to your Ethereum Wallet
  4. On the transfer page, add quantities for each item that you want to transfer.
  5. You need to have the required number of crystals in your account to be able to confirm the transfer.

How much do transfer crystals cost? And how many do you need?

You can see the prices at the web shop ( Prices are listed in ETH by default, but you can change the currency (USDT, for example) by clicking on the currency icon at the top-right. For gold prices, check the Royal Emporium.

To see how many crystals you need, simply initiate a transfer and add the items that you want to send out by following the steps written in the previous section.

Transfer crystals price will vary based on ETH price fluctuations and gas fees. For gold prices, it will vary based on supply and demand.

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