How to survive the first dungeon? Any beginner tips

If you have a hard time surviving the first dungeon (Forgotten Chambers) it’s probably because you don’t know the following beginner tips:

  • USE RIGHT CLICK: Using right click when attacking with your weapon releases a powerful attack that consumes energy (the blue bar, similar to MP in other games) and deals 3x more damage. This way, you can kill monsters (mobs) faster and take less damage.
  • DODGE ATTACKS: You can avoid mobs hitting you. There isn’t any dodge button, but you can move around. Practice a little bit by moving back or sideways when the mob tries to hit you and you’ll get it.
  • USE SHIFT KEY: When you hold shift you can attack without moving. This gives you precision in your shots and the ability to time attacks. When you get the hang of it your overall ability to fight increases dramatically.
  • AVOID FIRE: It may be tricky to avoid fire at first, but if you’re careful, you can go around it, or wait until it diminishes. This is not easy at first, especially when mobs are chasing you, so try to clear the room first and then it’ll be better.
  • USE THE BOW: Try to kill the mobs before they hit you, by shooting the bow and running back. The melee weapon may have more damage but you’re going to take a lot of damage as well, especially when you haven’t practiced dodging yet.

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