Is it worth opening bounty chests and storage trunks

Both have chances of getting top tier blockchain items, so it’s up to you to decide. Many players prefer to sell the bounty chests for gold. On the flip side, if you have a lot of gold, it might be worth it to buy a bunch of chests for a shot at a valuable item.

How to open the bronze bounty chest?

You can open the bronze bounty chest directly from your stash. First, you need to go to your room inside the tavern and stash it (right click on the chest to stash it if it’s still in your inventory slot).

Once it’s stashed, simply click on it and on the right side of the stash window you’ll be able to click the INSPECT button. If you can’t find it in stash, make sure you clear any search filters and type “bronze bounty chest” in the search field.

The same way, you can open silver or gold bounty chests, or any other container type of item (storage trunk, mysterious nest, gift box, golden egg and other event containers, so on…) .

What can I find in the bronze bounty chest?

Inside a bronze bounty chest you can find a variety of items, with a small chance at top tier items, and a better chance to get gold (333 coins) and maybe an uncommon blockchain item (green). You can also get virtual items or higher rarity bc items, but the chances are lower for the latter.

What can I find in the silver and gold bounty chests?

You’ll have a slightly better chance of getting higher rarity items compared to bronze chests. Usually you get a higher amount of gold coins (up to 1333 coins for the gold bounty chest) and items such as: Demon Cloth (Uncommon blockchain item – doesn’t have a use in-game yet), Keikoo Feather (Uncommon virtual item – doesn’t have a use yet).

The best loot that was found from a gold bounty chest was a transcendental bow (highest rarity) named Nova Omega. A blockchain item with an estimated worth of at least $5,000 USD (to be conservative).

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