June Update Patch

UPDATE (July 3rd, 2021): The offline/off-chain blockchain marketplace has been released with patch version 187. Read more about it here:

The last major release was version 180 (and from 181 to 186 bug fixes), where adventure difficulty has been balanced. A few other notable changes:

  • Daily rewards have been fixed.
  • You can now see monster names when you hover over their image (adventure map).
  • Chests aren’t bugged anymore (spawn in water, dissappear from map).
  • Fixed Saraela (Olkepth Caverns mini-boss)
  • XP and gold drops have been increased.

Older messages:

The 2021 June Patch 178 has been released, with version 179 (fix) and 180 (more fixes) coming soon. The June update is huge, kinda like the August 2020 update. A lot of changes have been added (including new blockchain weapons). See all the details in the medium article:

Notable changes:

  • Game became more difficult, according to most players.
  • There are more enemies, more tankier (HP), but they hit less dmg. Also there are mini-bosses in higher level adventures.
  • You’re limited to common rarity in Forgotten Chambers and uncommon in Arcane Pits and Ash Woods.
  • Mount Olkepth increases in difficulty HUGELY!!! It has 7 swords difficulty (it had 5 swords before).
  • Trayl Woods becomes a member-only adventure.
  • You need to kill the summoners (monsters that can summon other monsters) before you get overwhelmed.
  • We can finally see the damage of each weapon.
  • NEW BLOCKCHAIN WEAPONS!!! (see images in the medium article linked earlier)
  • A new in-game currency arises: THE SHADOWSTONES.
  • Secrets have been added around town. We need to pay attention, who knows what treasure we might discover!
  • Critical hit is introduced.
  • Daily Rewards have a new MYSTERY REWARD (remember the puzzle pieces?)

Known bugs

If you encounter some of these bugs, they are already being fixed in the version 180 and following.

  • The treasure chest is in the water: This bug happens in Shallow Swamps. You can’t reach the chest because it’s far away in the water, so you won’t be able to open it.
  • Bounties aren’t working: There is a bug that won’t allow you to collect bounties when you complete them.
  • XP gain is bugged: Gaining experience inside the adventures has decreased dramatically. In comparison, the hardest dungeon used to give 10000 XP per run, while now only 3600 XP. Cliff confirmed this is a bug and not a nerf.
  • Daily rewards: are stopped due to a bug. There is an annoying message that keeps popping on screen announcing you that they stopped.

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