Offline blockchain marketplace

The in-game bc marketplace is mostly known as off-chain blockchain marketplace or offline bc market and players can use it to trade blockchain items inside the game, without the costly gas fees or delays. Here’s the original announcement from telegram (July 5th, 2021):

The off-chain BC marketplace is now available within the game for all active members (Those with an active Power Pendant) as well as Founder’s Token holders! (If you’re a free player you will have access in another 24 hours, but can skip the wait if you activate a Power Pendant).

This is a virtual powered marketplace that emulates the blockchain, allowing you to trade your items gas free and instantly. You can still send your mainnet items out to your wallet and trade on EnjinX if you wish.

If you have a Founder’s Token, restart the game and Shadowstones will appear in the top right corner. The BC marketplace will also be available from the same location as the Virtual marketplace, simply change the dropdown in the top left of the Marketplace window.

Before you can start buying items you will need to buy Shadowstones. If you hover over the new Shadowstones icon in the top right, you will find a Button you can use to Buy Shadowstones.

The window will guide you through the process (You will need JENJ to purchase these).

If you’re selling items, you don’t need any Shadowstones and you will obviously gain some if someone buys your item(s).

You’ll probably need to collaborate a bit in the beginning in chat to find buyers/sellers, make sure you use the Trade channel for this.

Be aware that you can’t sell your Shadowstones back to JENJ yet. This will come once the entire process has been verified. If that upsets you, please don’t use the feature yet.

Cliff Cawley – LR Creator

What’s the fee for trading on the in-game bc marketplace?

Trading on the in-game Blockchain marketplace has a 3% fee for all transactions, while the virtual transactions (in gold) have no fees.

The transfer fee of 3% is a replacement of the fee added by Enjin on the Jumpnet network (second layer for Enjin) and Cliff (the dev) will have to pay part of it to the Enjin team so it cannot be removed completely like some players might want.

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