When is the presale

If you’re wondering if there’s a presale and when, you need to know that Lost Relics has launched back in 2019 and the presale happened at that time.

The presale included various items of which the most relevant is an NFT called the Founder’s Token (read more about it here).

Is there going to be a presale when the game launches officially?

Currently the game is in an Alpha stage, so there’s a long way until the official launch. We don’t know if there will be another presale when the mainstream launch happens but it’s not impossible.


What’s the coin of this game

What is the Lost Relics coin? Some new players tend to ask this question because other blockchain games have their own token. But in LR there is no official coin nor token created exclusively for the game.

The coin we use is basically Enjin (ENJ), since it’s an Enjin game. There is also a 2nd layer (Jumpnet – for faster transactions) where we use JENJ (Jumpnet Enjin).

In game the currency is Shadow Stones, players call it SS in short. Which is just a division of ENJ, 1 SS is an Enjin Cent (1/100).

Aside from SS, there is gold. But gold is only for trading virtual items (tools, membership, some resources and many more), so it’s like any other virtual currency from regular non-blockchain games.

Why not create a Lost Relics token?

Cliff (the dev) has been asked countless times to create his own coin, but he declined because there is no need for a token, he trusts the Enjin team to cover the blockchain side of the development while he can focus on building a great game.

He doesn’t want to do player governance either, because it can be messy for the game. He has a plan for Lost Relics and wants to engineer it with both player interest and game balance in mind. With governance, the game can become unbalanced and it’s harder to make swift changes or change direction.

Why not change chains?

Since Enjin is built on the Ethereum mainnet, there have been challenges due to high gas fees. Other crypto games switched chains or created their own token. Players ask regularly why not migrate to a fast blockchain like WAX or many others…

If we take a broader perspective, we’ll see that Enjin is already working on a 2nd layer (Jumpnet) and an infinitely scalable one called Efinity. So the gas fee problem is mostly solved, especially since Cliff created an ingame blockchain marketplace which is instant and fee-less, for the purpose of making things easier for the players before Efinity is implemented.

On top of that there are huge hurdles to move to a different chain. All blockchain items (hundreds of thousands) have to be duplicated on the new chain and destroyed on the old chain. A lot of items are in players wallets so they either have to be moved to dev wallet or left there. With thousands of players, the option of convincing all to move the items is almost impossible (especially since it costs gas fee) so there will be items that are on both chains, which means the dev has to reprogram the game to recognize both chains, there will be 2 API’s and everything will get more complex fast. All of this costs money and precious time that could be used to develop the game instead.

Can I use BEP20 token in Lost Relics?

This question comes up when you’re not sure which token is used in Lost Relics, or what chain is necessary, with the hope of avoiding ERC20 token fees, since BEP20 fees are very low.

Unfortunately you can’t use BEP20 tokens to deposit money in your Enjin Wallet or to buy shadowstones. Lost Relics uses ENJ which is an ERC20 token.


August Update

There was no update in August, but Cliff has been pretty silent in the past several weeks, which tends to happen when he’s working hard. On top of that he did throw a few words about an upcoming patch, but didn’t say when. We can only hope. Fingers crossed!

Spoiler alert, we’re going to have a few major features coming, including the ability to withdraw shadowstones (probably convert them to JENJ). Here’s what Cliff responded to the telegram user Edgar, when he said “Little sneak peak into upcoming update please” :

“Rewards, Fiat, Forging, Withdrawal”

Cliff Cawley – LR Creator (message from Telegram on August 4th 2021)

Cliff answered in 4 words, but those words are essential. Ok, so when the update comes out, Cliff has prepared some huge features that players have been asking desperately:

  • Fiat payment gateway – It’s been a nightmare to buy pendants from the web shop since the payment gateways (fiat) have been suspended. A lot of players had trouble with blockchain payments, especially since not all of them are blockchain savvy. Hopefully the new payment gateway will allow us to buy with credit/bank cards on the long term.
  • Forging – This is the ability to forge weapons. It’s going to solve the weapon gap problem. Players don’t have enough weapons at this point and they really need some. More on this when the ability/skill gets released.
  • Withdrawal – This has been probably the most demanded feature. A lot of newer players want to be able to take some cash out of the game, turn their grind into revenue.
  • Rewards – This means new rewards are going to be introduced. Players have been complaining about milestone rewards and bounty missions, while the daily rewards seem to be great. It’s not clear which rewards are going to be improved, but this makes it more exciting.

How to open the skill book

The skill book is located at the top bar (in-game) and players often refer to it as purple book. As a new player, you won’t be able to access it right away – the icon will be locked. To open the skill book, you need to complete the starting quests, and in particular the quest titled Skillful Rewards.

The starting quests are easy to complete, basically you’ll be introduced to places such as the Royal Emporium (market) and the General Store (shop). There are 3 quests before Skillful Rewards:

  • Seraphina’s General Store
  • Royal Emporium
  • Champion Rewards

Where do I find the quest Skillful Rewards? Where is the NPC?

You can find this quest only after finishing the 3 quests above. A new NPC will appear just outside the tavern, with a question mark over his head. Click on it to start the Skillful Rewards quest.

Skillful Rewards Quest requirements

To complete Skillful Rewards, you need to mine 6 rocks and collect 3 seismic dust. If you don’t have a mining tool yet, read this:

You can mine in the easiest dungeon (Forgotten Chambers) which has seismic dust, but you might not find 3 of them after 6 rocks, so if you want to finish faster without running the dungeon multiple times, you can buy seismic dust with gold from the Royal Emporium.


My item disappeared from stash. Where is it?

If you can’t find your item in stash and it seems as if it has disappeared, make sure there aren’t any search filters ON. This is a common issue and may cause confusion for new players.

If you previously filtered the stash by a certain adventure, or by certain keywords, you need to clear the filters first, to see other items that don’t fit the filter.

To clear the filters simply click the “X” next to each filter (in search field), or set the filter to “All adventures”.

Usually there’s a warning message that tells you if the stash is being filtered.

I cleared all search filters but my item is still missing

If this is your case, make sure you haven’t lost the item on death. Remember that virtual items are destructible, including all tools, some weapons and some relics.

If your item is still missing and you didn’t lose it on death, it could be because you listed it on the market and forgot about it. When you list an item on the market (royal emporium), it won’t show in stash anymore, even if it hasn’t sold yet.


I can’t find the green sword. Where did it go

If your green sword (or green bow or axe) is missing, this is probably because you lost it upon death. Most green weapons are purchased from the general store (shop in-game) for gold and are virtual items, so they can be lost/destroyed when you die.

If you get a new green sword/weapon hover over it and see which type is it. If it says virtual/destructible then make sure you don’t die with it, or get ready to buy a new one if it happens.

There are also green swords (bows and axes) that are not virtual, hence indestructible. These are blockchain items and you have ownership over them, you can’t lose them on death (unless you just looted them and you die before finishing the adventure). Check the Royal Emporium in the blockchain section, filtering by “weapons” and rarity = uncommon (which is green) to buy indestructible swords/bows/axes.


What happens when power pendant expires

When your power pendant expires you lose your membership privileges. This means that your username becomes gray (in chat and leaderboards), you can’t access member adventures anymore, you can’t take out more than 1 blockchain item per dungeon, so on…

What if my pendant expires when I’m inside the adventure?

If your pendant expires while you’re inside an adventure (dungeon), nothing bad will happen. You won’t be kicked out of the dungeon if it’s a premium one. You’ll still be able to take out more than 1 bc item.

But as soon as you complete the adventure, all membership privileges will disappear.

Can you keep the free skins after pendant expires?

As a member you get a set of new skins (outfits), but if your pendant expires, you won’t have them anymore. So if you’re wearing a member skin and pendant expires, your character will go back to the default skin (as soon as you finish the current adventure).


Is this game a scam or legit

Is Lost Relics a scam? The answer is a resounding NO. This game is legit and one of the best blockchain game out there. It is rather normal for people to be suspicious in the world of crypto and in this article we will answer some of the questions that players may have regarding the legitimacy of the game.

Is Lost Relics really free to play?

Yes, Lost Relics is a free to play (f2p) game. The game allows you to play without paying anything. You can loot valuable blockchain items regardless if you are a paying player (member) or a free player.

When a new player discovers that better weapons cost money, while he can’t loot weapons because they are very rare, he might start thinking that the game forces him to pay to play, even go as far as call it a scam. However, this reaction is not common, most players understand that better weapons are supposed to be valuable because if they’d drop easily, they would have no value.

The game offers a lot of benefits to free players. If you compare it to other f2p games, it’s quite generous. Which other f2p games give you a chance to loot items worth thousands of dollars or even more? The game isn’t even pushy on buying membership. Most players who buy membership do it to support the game, since you can enjoy a lot of it just by being a free player (also read: Is it worth buying a power pendant?).

Is Lost Relics really Play to Earn?

Yes, Lost Relics is a play to earn (PTE) game. The issues that some players have is due to their expectations. Usually a new player saw a video on YouTube about this wonderful game that made him $17/hour or a fixed $$$ amount and they expect the same to happen to them. But the revenue is not predictable, it’s based on luck (read this too: How much can you earn?).

Transferring items requires huge gas fees

This happens sometimes, due to the nature of the blockchain and the free market, it’s beyond anyone’s control since it’s a decentralized chain. If you’re new to the blockchain space, it’ll be hard to assimilate all the information about how Ethereum blockchain works and why can the gas fees increase so much.

High gas fees can upset players so they’ll blame it on the game and call it a scam, but if you think about it, the gas fee is distributed to the miners, it doesn’t go to the developer of the game, so there’s no gain for him. High gas fees affect both players and developers, it’s something beyond everyone’s control.

The issues of high gas fees started in 2020 when the DeFi space got popular and the volume of transactions exploded on the Ethereum blockchain. In 2021, the crypto bull run came with huge price pumps along with blockchain usage so the gas fees increased even higher.

The blockchain gaming ecosystem had to find solutions to survive. Similarly, the developer of Lost Relics fixed this issue by creating an offline blockchain marketplace in-game (read more here: bc marketplace), which is functioning nicely while eliminating the gas fee problem.

Got banned!

If a player gets banned from chat (in-game) he may become upset and call the game a scam. The chat banning works automatically, there’s no moderator banning you directly. If you get reported by too many players you’ll get banned from chat, but you’ll be able to chat again later or the next day. This happens when players don’t respect the chat rules, usually because of link promotion or whining/tantrums.

You can also get banned from the game if you cheat. As any blockchain game, there’s a lot of anti-cheating systems put in place, to ensure that people are discouraged from using exploits and bots. A cheating player that gets banned can become vengeful, trying to ruin the game reputation by posting online, telling people to stay away, so on.

Who are the developers?

For someone new, wondering if the game is legit, it’s important to know about the team behind the project. Shady developers or straight up anonymous teams are often correlated with scam projects, but Lost Relics isn’t like that.

Who is Cliff Cawley?

The sole-developer, Cliff Cawley is very transparent, he has a face to the name, he does video interviews when he has the time (see one of his interviews:

Cliff has a strong background in the gaming industry, he has worked for over 20 years doing programming/engineering and design for games such as: Battlestar Galactica, Trainz, Happy Feet Two (the game) and others.

Players who have been with him in the last 2 years, know a lot about him because he used to talk to players almost daily. With such a tight relationship, older players know even his sleeping schedule, they know he lives in Australia, they know he got married in the fall of 2019, he loves rock music and he’s a great cook. He’s very hard working, he has worked 2 years on Lost Relics, almost 7 days a week, 10-12 hours per day.

How to contact Cliff?

Cliff used to receive private messages from players all day long on his telegram and discord accounts, but that was because there were only a few hundred players. In the meantime (since the end of 2020, beginning of 2021) the player-base exploded to tens of thousands of player and he simply doesn’t have the time to talk to all of them.

If you want to submit feedback, use the discord channel, for suggestions and bugs. If you need customer support, use the official website (

New players may have the feeling that they can’t reach him so a few of them will become suspicious about the game as a whole especially combined with the feeling of unmet loot expectations.

Can’t cash out?

When you just discovered a play-to-earn game, you want to see if you can cash out. If you can’t do it, you’ll become suspicious and think that the game is, maybe, a scam.

Lost Relics always had an option to transfer items out and sell them on blockchain marketplaces at your sole discretion. But then the gas fees increased and people started complaining that it costs too much to transfer items out, sometimes players didn’t even pay attention to fees just to realize later that they paid more in fees than what the items were worth. To prevent this situation, Cliff added a limit to the gas fees, so that people don’t spend too much on fees accidentally, also you had to buy transfer crystals instead of ETH balance, making the process less prone to accidents. But this also prevented transfer-outs when the fees were too high.

In June-July 2021, the blockchain marketplace changed all this, with the introduction of the shadowstones (see: What are Shadowstones?). Making it possible to sell blockchain items in-game for shadowstones. But because the implementation is so new, there is no option to cash out as in converting the shadowstones to JENJ yet (see: what is JENJ) because Cliff still has a lot to implement (legal procedures, maybe even adding KYC).

You can still transfer out blockchain items on the mainnet (Ethereum blockchain) using transfer crystals (see: How to sell bc items) if the items are minted on the network. Newer blockchain items (since the beginning of 2021) aren’t minted yet (as a consequence of the high gas fees) but they will, on Jumpnet (2nd layer).

I can’t transfer out because I’m not verified

To find out more about verification read this:

You might get a message that you’re not verified, but it will go away after a while, like it did for many thousands of players, just keep playing.

Cliff is trying to create a robust system that allows players to transfer their items, cash out, without bugs and exploits, while keeping all the legal aspects in check, and this takes time, so it’s a work in progress right now.


Where can I find a Marshmallow Voucher

Marshmallow vouchers are rare virtual items (blue) that you can collect to get a pet called Marshmallow (epic rarity). You need to collect 5 vouchers to be able to claim the pet.

You can find a marshmallow voucher by opening (inspecting) a mysterious scroll (read more about it here: You won’t receive a voucher every time, so you’ll need to open multiple scrolls (you can buy some on Emporium for gold).

When you have enough marshmallow vouchers (5), head north of town to the Pet Handler (NPC) to exchange them for the mallow pet.

You can also buy the pet from the Emporium. Since it’s a virtual tradable item, you can buy it with gold if other players list it on the market.

Can I lose the Marshmallow pet on death?

No, the pet is an indestructible virtual item but the marshmallow voucher is destructible so don’t take it with you in adventures by mistake or you might lose it.


What can I get from a Mysterious Scroll

A mysterious scroll is given as a reward on the 7th day of the daily rewards (you need to play at least one adventure every day for 7 days to receive it).

From a mysterious/mystery scroll you can get either a title (a humorous description that shows up under your character name in-game), or a marshmallow voucher (collect these to get the marshmallow pet).

You can also find mysterious scrolls on the Royal Emporium (the virtual marketplace) if you don’t have the patience to grind the dailies.

What is the Scroll of Designation?

A scroll of designation is obtained from the mysterious scroll. The scroll of designation is the actual item that will give you a random title in-game, the title we’ve been mentioning above.