September Update Patch

UPDATE (September 30th 2021): The patch became live on Sunday (26th) and there are a lot of important changes such as:

  • Shadowstones are dropping from adventures.
  • Virtual items (tools, armor, virtual weapons/relics) are breakable after enough usage (unspecified when they will break or after how many uses – it’s random). The higher the rarity the longer it’ll last. The item won’t break inside the dungeon (so you won’t be left without a tool until you exit).
  • Blockchain weapons have new effects (see the effects in the Encyclopedia in-game).
  • Encyclopedia has been added.
  • Chests from adventures need a key to be opened. The keys drop from monsters, so you need to kill all monsters if you don’t want to miss opening all chests.
  • Gathering spots now have rarities (e.g. rare/blue mining claim) and you can only gather with the same rarity tool.
  • Drop rate from gathering depends on your level (e.g. if you are level 1 miner, you will find mostly nothing from mining claims, but the higher the level the higher the chance).
  • New PvE mode: Graveyard Rumble. Your score is calculated based on how many monsters you kill before you die.

Previous information (before update):

On September 19th 2021, servers went down to prepare the next major update patch version 188. After approximately 24 hours the game opened and everybody could download the new patch.

However, there were several major bugs that happened at scale (only when a lot of people are trying to log in at the same time) and server is now down for maintenance to fix these bugs rolling version 189, 190 and maybe more depending on technical issues.

The team is hard at work on the update. We’ve already found and fixed issues that only appeared at scale and we continue to work on the update.

News will be posted here when it’s back up and running but for now chat has been disabled due to the same questions being asked over and over.

In the mean time you won’t be able to play, create accounts or make purchases until it’s back up.”

Cliff Cawley – LR Creator (message from telegram/discord from September 20th 2021)

There are tons of new changes but here’s a few things that players wanted to know related to the new update:

  • Engineering and the new skill, forging, are from now on only available to members.
  • Chests inside the dungeons will be more rewarding, meaning they’ll drop items more often.
  • You will have a stash box near adventure pass if you are level 5 or higher. This means you won’t have to go back to the tavern every time to unload the loot.
  • You will be able to withdraw shadowstones (ss) to JENJ, but you won’t be able to withdraw the ss that drops from dungeons directly, you’ll have to buy items with it to spend it, but the ss that you receive from selling items will be eligible to withdraw.

When will the patch be ready?

The system is still in maintenance and we won’t be able to play until Cliff makes the announcement. The following message was Cliff’s desire to launch the game on September 22nd, but more issues came up, so the game won’t be ready until after September 26th:

“We’re aiming for a new release within the next 24 hours and once we do we’ll be constantly monitoring the server infrastructure to see if we can spot any other issues that only happen with a large amount of players who are performing adhoc gameplay.”

Cliff Cawley – LR Creator (message from telegram/discord at September 21st 2021)

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