Shadowstones will drop in dungeons – confirmed!

The rumors regarding Shadowstones (SS) dropping in adventures (dungeons) with the next patch have been confirmed by Cliff. Also the next patch will happen this month (September).


This is a game changer, since the game is becoming MORE play-to-earn than before, even if it’s going to remain mostly luck based.

How will this work?

Basically all the Shadowstones in the game are from players depositing ENJ or JENJ coin, so the SS’s stay within the player economy and there’s none left to drop in the dungeons.

BUT WAIT: Cliff revealed that with the new update, he will increase the trading fee of the ingame marketplace to 4% and the extra 1% will be used for random drops inside the dungeons. Aside from that, Cliff will also allow us to buy items in the web store (pendants, outfits, pets, crystals) using SS’s from which a small percentage will be put back in the loot pool just like the 1% from trading on the ingame marketplace.

Here’s Cliff’s last interview

In this interview (taken on September 2nd) we can see Cliff’s confirmation about adding Shadowstones to the loot pool:

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