Stuck on loading screen – Applying update

Lost Relics can get stuck on loading screen for some players, during a game update. Basically, it doesn’t download all the patch files and stays forever in a loading screen. This can happen because of various reasons:

  • Not enough permissions (you need to run the game as administrator).
  • Antivirus blocks access (whitelist the game in your antivirus, this can also happen with Windows Defender).
  • You haven’t updated the game in a while and now you need to get a fresh installer from the website (
  • Other unknown issues.

Solution to loading screen bug

  1. Uninstall Lost Relics and then delete the game folder, so you can have a clean install later; the default folder is usually located at C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Local\LostRelics on a Win 10 computer (if you have a different version of Windows or even MacOS, try to find the equivalent path for AppData folders).
  2. Download the latest installer from the official website (
  3. Before running the installer, right click on it and choose: RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR.
  4. Whitelist the game in any antivirus/antimalware software you may have.
  5. Run the game as administrator.

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I just bought a pass to play this game and it’s just stuck trying to apply an update. There is there needs to be a new patch to fix this as I’m not the only one

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