What are Shadowstones

Shadowstones are a new currency in Lost Relics that can be used to buy items from the new Blockchain Offline Marketplace. This marketplace allows players to trade blockchain items without gas fees, directly in-game.

How much is 1 Shadowstone?

A shadowstone is worth 0.01 JENJ (see What is JENJ).

How to buy Shadowstones?

You can buy shadowstones with JENJ from inside the game:

  • Click on the shadowstones icon (top-right in-game, next to gold balance).
  • Click Buy Shadowstones and complete the process (you will need the Enjin Wallet).

If you don’t have any JENJ, you can convert ENJ to JENJ directly from the Enjin Wallet. If you don’t have ENJ either, you can buy from Binance and then withdraw it to your Enjin Wallet.

I can’t buy Shadowstones, can’t type amount

This is a known issue and it happens when you haven’t connected your Jumpnet Wallet. You only type zeros “0” and if you delete all the numbers you can sometimes see the text: “Enter new name”.

The solution is to login to your online account ( go to Account-Wallet and choose Jumpnet (next to Ethereum). You’ll have the option of connecting your Jumpnet Wallet (from the Enjin mobile app) with a QR code.

If you already connected your wallet but still can’t type the amount, it’s because you have no JENJ in your balance. If you have ENJ you can convert it to JENJ, see here how:

Transaction confirmed, just waiting for the blockchain to process…

How long does it take? If you’re stuck at this screen it’s usually an enjin error, possibly because you didn’t finalize a previous transaction. Try to reset nonce (from your Enjin Wallet, tap JENJ balance, tap the 3 dots and Resync Nonce).

Jumpnet transactions should be instantaneus, so if this problem persists contact Enjin Support (from the menu in the Enjin Wallet app).

How to convert Shadowstones to JENJ?

You can’t convert shadowstones into JENJ at this time. This is the official announcement:

Be aware that you can’t sell your Shadowstones back to JENJ yet. This will come once the entire process has been verified. If that upsets you, please don’t use the feature yet.

Cliff Cawley – LR Creator

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