What is JENJ

JENJ is Jumpnet Enjin, which is a currency on Jumpnet network that is pegged 1:1 with Enjin Coin (ENJ) and you’ll be able to use it to purchase blockchain items on Jumpnet (Jumpnet is a 2nd layer solution for Enjin, to avoid the cost of transactions on the Ethereum Mainnet).

How to buy JENJ?

To buy JENJ, you need to have ENJ first. So go ahead and buy Enjin Coin (ENJ) from your preferred exchange (easiest to use with lowest withdrawal fees is Binance) and then withdraw it to your Enjin Wallet.

How to convert ENJ to JENJ and viceversa?

You can then convert ENJ to JENJ directly from the Enjin Wallet, by tapping on your ENJ balance and then open the menu (three dots – top right) and tap Move to JENJ. You will need to also have some ETH in your balance for gas fees.

To convert from JENJ to ENJ is similar, just tap your JENJ balance and you’ll be able to Move to ENJ, the same way.

How much does it cost to convert ENJ to JENJ or viceversa?

Converting ENJ to JENJ or viceversa requires a small ETH fee (gas fee) becaue Enjin Coin is a token on the Ethereum network. This depends on the current gas price, for example, in June-July 2021, it was the equivalent of a couple of dollars.

Can I get JENJ by selling blockchain items on the offline bc marketplace?

That’s not available at this time. You’ll get shadowstones in exchange for your items, which you can’t convert to JENJ yet (Cliff needs further legal approvals before allowing this).

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Welcome to blockchain gaming. Imagine early this year when there was no JENJ and you had to pay gas to transfer ENJ to wallet, then to transfer item to wallet, and again to list item on marketplace.

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