What is this item used for

Players ask what is this item used for, what is this, or what does this item do, mostly about these items: Fragmented Ogum Claw, Warden’s Key, Delta Diamond, Redcore Ruby, Demon Cloth, Royal Candelabra, Wayward Watch, Eldensmith’s Fine Bracelet, Ancient Skull of The Oskk, Shoraway Slowpoke Shell, Slitherskin, Skeltor Bones.

There isn’t a clear use for most of these items yet. The developer (Cliff) will add a use for each of these items in the future.

If you need to ask this question about an item, it probably doesn’t have a clear use yet, otherwise you’d read it in the item description. Most of such items can be used as requirements for completing bounties and possibly for crafting. Check the purple book at the top (in-game) to see if your item appears in any recipe for alchemy, cooking, engineering.

Don’t forget that items with no clear use can become very important in the future when more content will be added, like new skills and quests, so keep them for later.

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