What’s my reputation or verification score

Why isn’t your account verified yet? If you’re getting this message, your account is in process to get verified, so just keep playing and enjoy the game.

Your account isn’t verified yet! Keep playing and abiding by the EULA and you will become verified, with the ability to transfer.

UPDATE June 24th: Now you need to add your real name and date of birth to your Lost Relics account. This is in preparation to the future KYC process required for the use of Shadowstones on the offline blockchain marketplace.

How about the verification score?

Reputation (verification) is a new secret metric introduced by Cliff on April 29th 2021. Here is a quote from the original message pinned on telegram:

However, there is now a concept of verification. When you aren’t verified, you won’t be able to transfer out of the game. Once you are initially verified you’ll be able to transfer an item per day. Eventually when you’ve been verified for some time you’ll have access to unlimited transfers. All information around verification is secret to combat cheating/fraud, etc.

How to become verified?

There is speculation that activity (playing) helps with the verification, meaning if you haven’t play in a while, your score might go down, also new accounts aren’t verified initially, so you need to play more. Try to playing daily and see if that helps, this is just a suggestion and not a guarantee.

If you’re trying to cheat, or use exploits, your verification score goes down. But that’s probably not your case, so maybe your account is just new and it’s still unverified.

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