What’s the use of the torch

You probably wondered what can you do with the torch item since there’s no clear usage in the description, but just like many items in-game, it doesn’t have a functionality at the moment.

Actually, it had a functionality before (in 2020) when there was a very dark dungeon where there was no light, so you had to play it blindly or using a torch.

The torch was used to make light and getting close to the walls to lit up the other torches, to make even more light. There is also a wooden sword (a multiverse item) that can be lit up inside the dungeon by getting it closer to a flame.

The torch item can drop as a level up reward and can also be obtained via crafting (engineering).

There is probably a future use for the torch, which we don’t know yet. But it can be used right now by players who need more light inside the adventures (for example Trayl Woods has been considered too dark by some players).

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