Why can’t I find any blockchain items?

New blockchain items haven’t been added to the game lately due to a number of reasons, but mainly because the Ethereum network has been expensive to work on due to high gas fees. This affected the entire ecosystem and made it very expensive to mint new items on the blockchain.

Cliff is currently working on integrating Jumpnet, a layer-2 solution from Enjin, which promises free-minting and free trades. This will allow him to add more blockchain items into the game. He already has a backlog of items that have to be minted. He also plans to create new items. This will take time, so expect periods when you don’t find bc items easily.

Aside from this, Cliff is building a new in-game marketplace, where you will be able to trade blockchain items without paying the current gas fees. For more information check his medium article HERE.

Another reason that contributed to the shortage of bc items is the fast increase in player base. Basically, over a few months the active player base went from thousands to tens of thousands. This caused the rate of farming to increase as well and even green bc items (uncommon) have been sucked dry by the hungry hoards of new players.

There is still a healthy supply of blockchain items of higher rarities that can be found with a little luck. You can also find lower rarity bc items that still drop from gathering skills (scavenging, woodcutting, mining, fishing) at higher levels. You can check the purple book in-game to see what bc items are available from gathering skills and at what levels.

You can always check the current supply of each blockchain item here in case you are wondering how many are left or if they are all out of stock.

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