Why doesn’t Cliff hire a team?

Cliff is the only developer behind the game Lost Relics. Sometimes it’s very challenging to do everything, especially with an increasing player base. Players often ask this question, or even offer to help. Cliff has said numerous times that he will hire a team when he can afford one.

Every time players get impatient about new content, they will start asking about why doesn’t Cliff hire a team to speed things up. Moreover, if he makes sales in events, people believe that’s enough revenue to hire a team. Here’s one of Cliff’s answers from telegram channel:

Simply adding team members doesn’t instantly or even manageable scale the team. There has to be much more co-ordination, processes and formalities. It’s one of the things that heavily slows down any software development. The only reason I can react as fast as I do right now, is I just answer to myself.

Adding 10 people doesn’t make things go 10 times faster, in fact the opposite happens.

Thanks for your criticisms though, I am well aware of my current situation and I can’t just snap my fingers to get the people I want.

Event income also isn’t an indication of long term income, so if I made a snap decision to hire a crack team, but the game can’t sustain financially then I’m going to put all those people out of work.

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