Monster names and stats

If you want to know the names of the Lost Relics monsters, you can find them all here. Since the June update, a lot of new creatures/mobs/monsters have been added to the game and there hasn’t been a list of monsters available for players.

If you want to complete the bounties (missions) you’ll find this list of monsters very handy.

We’re working on building a more extensive list with stats and locations for every mob. Until then, here is the list of monsters:

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The monsters are: Bandor, Grumbler, Ogum, Vampat, Ceragoul, Grunt, Orcguard, Warden (mini-boss), Chompur, Hellsprout, Pharon, Watcher, Creeper, Hoodgoblin, Possessor, Whisp, Cyclub, Iguam, Rier, Willowbeast, Demonwing, Lichcrown, Rog, Wraith, Demonwrune, Lizardguard, Saraela (mini-boss), Wraithmancer, Dreadling, Mallow, Shadok (mini-boss), Wretch, Elite, Mordium, Skeltor, Wrune, Firestrike, Necroknight, Skulk, Firewing, Nereid, Slither, Ghostling, Netherdemon (mini-boss), Thunderclap (mini-boss), Grod, Obeon, Trigarou.